• Federally insured up to $250,000

To become a member of the credit union, you must buy a share (five dollars) and pay a membership fee ($.25). This share provides you with the privilege to vote in annual credit union elections, become a volunteer, have the benefits of life savings and save and/or borrow money.

  • Christmas Club account receiving the same dividend as our share accounts; your check will be automatically drawn the first week of November, and sent to you directly.

The Board of Directors declares the best dividend rate possible, taking into consideration the financial status and the competition.
The dividend rate is payable at the end of each quarter with statements mailed out on a quarterly basis.

Loans on new and used vehicles, new and used motorcycles, boats and motors, recreational vehicles as well as signature and share-secured loans.
The Board attempts to keep our loan rates better than the competition. Get started now by printing out an application.



  • Payroll deduction for sure deposits or loan payments.
  • Notary Public free of charge.
  • Copy machine is available to members for a reasonable number of copies.
  • Fax machine allows immediate contact with the car dealers for purchase information.
  • Car Books are available for your comparison shopping or to review at home for a couple of days.
  • NADA book values, along with tax documents are also available.

Just ask… we will do our best to help you!

Northern Pacific Duluth Federal Credit Union
5721 Grand Ave
Duluth, MN 55807-2541
Ph: (218) 722-2720
Fax: (218) 727-3977